Accessible built environment (e-könyv)


Szerző: András Zöld

ISBN: 978-963-318-774-6 (e-könyv)

Terjedelem: 102 oldal

Kiadás éve: 2019

E-jegyzetekMűszaki KarMűszaki tudományokPrint on DemandZöld András


This textbook aims at the introduction of basic aspects of “universal design”, in other term “design for all”. The matter of this concept is that the built environment must be barrier-free for everybody, disregarding the age, the physical or mental conditions. Everyone should be able to exercise his or her rights and obligations as a citizen independently and on equal terms.  Everyone should therefore be able to move around in society, work, make use of products and services available to the general public, participate in cultural life, social debate and club life and have the opportunity of creating a good and active life both at home and during leisure time.  However, for many disabled and elderly people it may often be difficult or impossible to get to, gain access to, find their way and move around in the premises where such activities take place. Barriers to accessibility are not recognised by the majority – say 92-94% – but prove insurmountable to people with disabilities – the remaining 6-8% of the population.


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