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Alcím: lecture notes

Szerkesztők: Szekanecz, Zoltán – Szűcs, Gabriella

ISBN: 978-963-318-873-6

Terjedelem: 308

Kiadás éve : 2020

Nyelv: angol




Általános Orvostudományi KarOrvostudományPrint on DemandSzekanecz ZoltánSzűcs Gabriella


“We are very pleased to present the new Rheumatology e-book to medical students and specialists. This thematic, systematic book reviews the theoretical background, diagnosis, and modern treatment of rheumatic diseases. In the first 8 chapters, in addition to musculoskeletal propaedeutics (medical history, physical examination, imaging and laboratory diagnostics, differential diagnosis), a brief basic immunology chapter and a therapeutic block are also included. In the second half of the book, each disease is listed and the main aspects of arthritis, systemic autoimmune rheumatological diseases, paediatric rheumatological diseases, osteoarthritis, low back pain, metabolic bone diseases, soft tissue rheumatisms and other rare but important conditions are discussed. Our goal is to provide medical students with a digestible, easy-to-use book that includes the topics required for the exam. Hopefully, practicing rheumatologists, general practitioners and representatives of other disciplines will also find this book useful during their medical practice.  We highly recommend the new Rheumatology e-book to all of them.”


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