A Tale of a Pub

2 690 Ft

Alcím: Re-Reading the “Cyclops” Episode of James Joyce’s Ulysses in the Context of Irish Cultural Nationalism

Szerző: Marianna Gula

ISBN: 978-963-318-285-7

Terjedelem: 166 oldal

Kiadás éve: 2012



“As one who watched some ideological debates – and, at times, shadow-boxing – about postcolonial premises and traits from afar, I am pleased to see Marianna Gula addresses them as well, but mainly devotes herself to the complex stratification within the episode. She focuses on its concrete aspects even down to tantalizing minutiae. This holds particularly true of the names in which the episode abounds, and excellent pertinent use is made of the wealth of genetic evidence now at our disposal. What ought to be obvious in academic publications, but does not inevitably happen, here really takes place: we learn something worth knowing that increases the enjoyment of reading.”

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Tömeg 240 g
Méretek 203 × 146 × 10 mm


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