Contribution to the distribution of ant species in Hungary (e-book)


Ed.: Gallé, László; Kovács, Éva; Csősz, Sándor; Somogyi, Anna; Tartally, András; Báthori, Ferenc; Tánczos, Enikő

ISBN: 978-963-490-996-2 (e-book)

Terjedelem: 394 oldal

Kiadás éve: 2022




Báthori FerencBiológiaCsősz SándorGallé LászlóKovács ÉvaSomogyi AnnaSzabadon letölthető e-könyvekTánczos EnikőTartally AndrásTermészettudományi és Technológiai Kar


The number of known ant species in Hungary has increased in the last decades, due to more and more intensive efforts by local researchers. On the basis of a recent checklist, 126 ant species live in Hungary is. However, besides simple list of species (i.e. checklists), no countrywide, extensive sets of data have been published on the distribution, commonness and rarity of Hungarian ants. The present volume is the first attempt to bridge this gap by contributing to the distribution, commonness patterns and habitat preferences of 106 ant species from 1192 localities in Hungary. Besides data presentations, he authors’ aim is to encourage further ant research in this country.


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