The changing faces of social economy across Europe (e-könyv)


Alcím: a perspective from 7 countries

Szerkesztők: Gergely Fábián, Andrea Toldi

Terjedelem: 227 oldal

Kiadás éve: 2016

Egészségügyi KarSzabadon letölthető e-könyvekSzociológia


The professors from each country participating in the SOWOSEC (Social Work and Social Economy) Joint Degree Program fill a unique niche by discussing the characteristics of social economy in their respective countries. The purpose of this book is to define social economy within a national context and to elucidate the different forms, conditions and ways, institutions and actors in social economy function in these countries.

The members, universities and institutes of SOWOSEC have been working together since 2005 developing and implementing a European joint degree master’s program that significantly widens the knowledge and competencies achieved in different bachelor programs. The philosophy of the program is as follows:

Due to the current social and economic changes throughout the social sphere, there is a growing demand that social service providers should adjust social provision to the economy. The aim of this program is to provide professionals working in the social field with economic knowledge and skills so that they would be able to plan and organize the economics of service planning, delivery and management.

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