The (Web)sites of Memory: Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age

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Szerkesztők: Donald E. Morse, Zsófia O. Réti, Miklós Takács

Sorozati tag: Loci Memoriae Hungaricae VIII.

ISBN: 978-963-318-752-4

ISSN: 2064-549X

Terjedelem: 136

Kiadás éve: 2018

Bölcsészettudományi KarIrodalomtudományLoci Memoriae HungaricaeMorse, Donald E.Réti ZsófiaTakács Miklós


Societies of the digital age are facing a twofold process: on the one hand the spread of digital technology has led to the fading of earlier traditions; on the other hand as a response to this loss, individual and collective remembering has started to play an increasingly important role in the public sphere. Therefore, the idiom “memory boom” seems to be even more accurate now than ever before. The last few decades were witness to the appearance of many new media, some of which may also be used for sharing traditional knowledge. These tendencies have generated new challenges for cultural heritage institutions, primarily for archives, museums and libraries.
Thus the primary aim of the organizers (the Department of Art and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä and the Institute of Hungarian Literary and Cultural Studies, University of Debrecen) of the international workshop entitled The (Web)Sites of Memory: Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age (Debrecen, 28–29 May 2015) was to reflect on the processes that were influenced by digital technologies and that altered cultural memories ranging from novel opportunities to transfer cultural heritage through its economic utilization to the problematic notion of “lieux de mémoire.”
This volume incorporates written versions of the workshop lectures as a part of the Loci Memoriae Hungaricae series.

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